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Saturday, April 21, 2007

A River Runs Through It

This is a photo of the Wailua River in Kauai, Hawaii. The size of the canoe in the photo is the only thing that helps put the magnificence in perspective. This river takes you to the ocean on one end, and to the world famous Fern Grotto on the other. Just past the grotto is a rope swing for your swimming and adventurous pleasure. It's a long paddle in, but worth every effort.

"A River Runs Through It"

"A Perspective"

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Anonymous said...

No other river quite like. Take the raft ride to thed Grotto for fantastic accoustics, wzhile singer on the raft sing the Hawaiin Wedding song doe newly weds and the hawaiian War Chant doe the unhappy married ones. They pudt om a small but fun show. Congratulations on your fAn admire antastic photos.

An admirer, Muggs

Brad said...

There is a rope swing just past the grotto. You can only get there by raft. The swimming was awesome. No place like it on earth! :-)

The Escrow Guy said...

I'm going back next year to visit, this time I'm not paddeling, I'll rent a tour cruiser! LOL!