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Monday, June 4, 2007


How often do you find a place you can go to and just dump everything on your mind and just free all your thoughts? This shot was taken at Sugar Barge in Bethel Island, CA. This setting was picture perfect for "just letting go" of all the day's challenges and obstacles. When you're ill, you go to a Doc, when your mind feels ill, you should go to the Dock...

"The Mind Sweeper"

"What's Up Dock"

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Teri said...

Hi Brad.......this photo is beautiful. Can picture a little cabin adjacent to this area with a nice front porch with weather in the 75-80 range relaxing "without" a computer. :-) This is great.

The Escrow Guy said...

Thanks Teri - this is a special photo that was taken when I went to look for the whales in the Rio Vista channel. Never saw the whales, but I did get this great shot!! :-)